Tuesday, July 27, 2021


EarlyView Service

Real Estate Economics is covered by Wiley-Blackwell's EarlyView service. EarlyView articles are complete full-text articles published online in advance of their publication in a printed issue. Articles are therefore available as soon as they are ready, rather than having to wait for the next scheduled print issue. EarlyView articles are complete and final. They have been fully reviewed, revised and edited for publication, and the authors’ final corrections have been incorporated. Because they are in final form, no changes can be made after online publication. The nature of EarlyView articles means that they do not yet have volume, issue or page numbers, so EarlyView articles cannot be cited in the traditional way. They are therefore given a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which allows the article to be cited and tracked before it is allocated to an issue. After print publication, the DOI remains valid and can continue to be used to cite and access the article.

To access the Real Estate Economics EarlyView service please login to the AREUEA members area and follow the link to “REE@Wiley On-line Library” from the Real Estate Economics portion of the members’ area.

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