Saturday, May 27, 2017


Calendar of Events

AREUEA host and/or participates in at least three conferences each year. Below is a list of the conferences and program chair for each conference.

AREUEA-ASSA Conference

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 5 January-7 January 2018

Contact Person:   Crocker Liu

Professor of Real Estate

Cornell University

Phone: (607) 255-3739

International Conference

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 4 July-5 July 2017

Contact Person:   Marc Francke

Department of Real Estate Finance

University of Amsterdam & Ortec Finance

Amsterdam Business School

Plantage Muidergracht 12, Rm. 3.12

Amsterdam, N/A 1018 TV

Phone: +31 20 525 54 21
FAX: +31 20 525 52 85

National Conference

Washington, DC, 1 June-2 June 2017

Contact Person:   Sheridan Titman

Department of Finance

University of Texas at Austin

Phone: (512) 232-2787

Paul Carrillo

Department of Economics

George Washington University


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