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Within the field of real estate and urban economics, the name John M. Quigley is synonymous with the pursuit of excellence. John represents ingenuity--ingenuity in not only finding solutions, but solutions that matter. Solutions which generate positive externalities that extend beyond the realm of real estate and urban economics. Essentially, solutions that contribute to the greater good.

AREUEA is building a fund to support the John M. Quigley Award for Advancing Real Estate and Urban Economics. The award aims to recognize researchers who best embody the countless contributions that John made during his impressive career. John wrote an extraordinary number of influential papers, mentored and encouraged innumerable young scholars, helped to build many academic organizations, and made significant contributions to policy and practice. Candidates for the Quigley award are expected to have contributed in some of these same ways.

To honor John's memory and to recognize and celebrate the ongoing contributions of others in the fields which John cared so deeply about, AREUEA plans to give the John M. Quigley Award on an annual basis. A targeted goal of $100,000 will allow the John M. Quigley Fund to perpetuate his legacy. This fund will pay for travel costs for the award recipient to attend the AREUEA-National meeting where the awardee will be invited to deliver an address. No contribution is too small. Contributions are tax deductible. Checks should be made out to AREUEA with a note indicating that you would like your donation to go to the John Quigley Fund.

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