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Call for Papers: Covid-19 and the Regional Economy
Posted: 8/06/2020

“Covid-19 and the Regional Economy”
Journal of Regional Science Special Issue

The Journal of Regional Science is calling for contributions to a special issue on the regional effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the associated restrictions on social and economic activity. We seek high-quality contributions that investigate regional real estate markets, labor markets, firm location, social interaction, regional growth, resilience, inequality, or other socio-economic impacts of the disease. Papers that investigate the spread of the virus across space are also welcome. As befits the journal’s mission, we encourage the submission of high-quality papers from across the social sciences, and seek to have the special issue reflect the global reach of both the journal and the crisis.

The papers will be subject to the usual, though expedited, refereeing process. We will bring the authors of accepted papers together for an online conference in early 2021 in order to exchange ideas and commentary.

Given the currency of the topic, we would like to receive submissions by November 1, 2020, in order to be able to review contributions by the end of the calendar year. Papers can be submitted through the usual Journal of Regional Science portal (using the special issue path):

Inquiries can be directed to Edward Coulson (

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