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Special Issue of the Journal of Housing Research
Posted: 12/06/2019

Call for Papers:  Deadline Extended to Feb 1, 2020

Special Issue of the Journal of Housing Research

Natural Disasters and the Housing Market

Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters have increasingly been in the news.   What effect do such events, or the risk of such events, have on local housing markets?  Are patterns entirely local or can national trends be identified?  What are the causes and consequences of these events?  What factors affect community resiliency and recovery?  What are best practices in managing such events?  How do housing prices, both for sale and for rent, react and change because of natural disasters and/or perceived risks of future events?  Are specific demographic groups particularly affected? To address these and related questions the American Real Estate Society in conjunction with Fannie Mae is sponsoring a Special Issue of the Journal of Housing Research.

Specifically, we invite article-length research papers on the following topics:

Housing prices and rents:  How do house prices and rents respond to disaster events and the risk of future events?

Loan performance: How do residential and commercial mortgages secured by properties in disaster areas perform?

Demographics: How are population demographics and mobility affected by disaster events?

FEMA data:   With respect to flood risk, what new insights does the recently released NFIP flood claims data provide?  How will the new Risk Rating 2.0 affect housing markets?

Financing: What private market mechanisms exist to finance community resiliency and recovery post-disaster?

Public finance: What role do state and local jurisdictions have in encouraging and financing risk mitigation and community resiliency?

Innovation: How can technology create more resilient structures and communities?

Completed papers will also be subject to a peer review process for inclusion in the Special Issue which is scheduled for publication in 2020.   We welcome submissions from authors working across multiple disciplines, including but not limited to real estate, finance, housing and urban economics, environmental science, public policy, city and regional planning, and other fields.

Authors should submit manuscripts to by December 1, 2019.  

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