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AREUEA - Request for Proposal Executive Director
Posted: 10/15/2019

Request for Proposal

Executive Director

AREUEA is seeking a qualified person or persons to assume the responsibilities of Executive Director of the Association for a term beginning July 1, 2020.  The Executive Director performs duties as described below and reports to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Association (“Executive Committee”) and the Board of Directors of the Association (the “Board”).  This is a position that will be remunerated and served by an Independent Contractor to the Association.  The Executive Director is appointed by the Board of Directors for a term of three (3) years and may be renewed by mutual agreement. The Executive Director, as an Independent Contractor, may work alone, or through another institution, such as a real estate center at a university.

Interested applicants should submit a short proposal (less than five pages) outlining any specific qualifications or experience, any past support for or participation in Association activities, and a projected cost estimate for fulfilling the detailed duties outlined below. While our preference is for the duties to be provided by a single person, we will seriously review any offers by independent contractors to fulfill all or parts of these duties.  Our expectation is that the position will require on average no more than 40 hours per week for the period from December 15 – January 15 and for the period of time during which the coordination of the Mid-Year meeting takes place (approximately two weeks in the April/June period) and that at other times, the hours fluctuate with some weeks requiring only a few hours and other weeks up to full time.  At no time during the year would we expect hours to exceed those of a full time position. Generally, we anticipate that the position would require 28 hours per week or less, on average.



AREUEA was originated at the 1964 meeting of the Allied Social Science Association in Chicago, growing from discussions of individuals that recognized a need for more information and analysis in the fields of real estate development, planning and economics.  The continuing efforts of this non-profit association has advanced the scope of knowledge in these disciplines and has facilitated the exchange of information and opinions among academic, professional and governmental people who are concerned with urban economics and real estate issues.  AREUEA publishes, Real Estate Economics (REE) which was first published in 1973. The journal is the oldest academic journal focusing on the real estate industry and is considered the premier journal for real estate related topics.  Over the past 45 years AREUEA has grown to be the leader in supporting and promoting real estate and urban economics research of the utmost quality.  Current membership stands at about 700, with annual membership dues of about $60,000.

Proposals should be submitted by December 1, 2019 via email to Robert A. Connolly, Executive Vice President, at bobconnolly.kfbs@gmail.com.


Specific Duties

The Executive Director provides critical support to the Executive officers and Board of AREUEA, particularly with respect to membership and sponsorship support, conference administration, and website support.  While the executive Officers and Board may request particular services, the manner and the Means for the Provision of those services shall be determined by the Executive Director, as an independent contractor.  Detailed duties include:


A. Service to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors

1.The Executive Director shall respond to all AREUEA Executive Officer and Board inquiries and requests for assistance in a timely fashion.   Response to other AREUEA email correspondence should also be timely.

2. The Executive Director will be responsible for supporting specific Committee Chairs in the fulfillment of their roles. 

  1. Assist the nomination chair with annual elections including preparing and distributing formal ballots including biographies of the candidates, numerating and recording ballots and summarizing the results for submission to the AREUEA Board.

  2. Support for other Committee Chairs as needed.

  3. Coordinate the receipt of and preparation of Committee reports, minutes and handouts for two annual board meetings held in conjunction with the Annual and National conferences.

B. Service to Members and Sponsors

1. The Executive Director shall serve as coordinator of membership services.  This includes continuously maintaining the membership database, the online membership directory and any membership information on the AREUEA website.  Responsibilities include providing Association materials to potential and new members, processing membership renewals, managing the Verisign membership account, and corresponding with existing members on matters including, but not limited to, conferences and subscriptions to and back issue requests for the Association’s journal, Real Estate Economics.  The Executive Director also responds to enquiries for use of the Association mailing list, processes invoices and payments for its use, and distributes mailing labels as needed. 

2. The Executive Director serves as liaison with Association sponsors.  In this capacity, the duties of the Executive Director include providing updated information on sponsorship benefits, maintaining a database of sponsorship logos, descriptions, and beneficiaries, updating sponsorship information on the AREUEA website and in journal publications, and providing to sponsors invitations to the annual Presidential luncheon, awards and letters of appreciation. 


 C. Support of Publications

1. Real Estate Economics (REE)

  1. Ensure all REE information is maintained correctly on the AREUEA website, including style guidelines, manuscript submission requirements, and advertising rates and information.
  2. Ensure the searchable abstracts and downloadable articles for REE are updated and functioning.
  3. Coordinate with the publisher to ensure an REE "permanent" archive of all issues.

2. News Bytes

  1. Assemble and email News Bytes to members as needed.
  2. Post job postings and announcements for News Bytes.
  3. Update News Bytes on website.


D. Conferences

The Executive Director provides general oversight for two conferences per year – the annual conference in January and the Mid-Year conference in May/June. A significant time commitment is anticipated during these periods, and attendance at both conferences is a requirement of this position. 

Conference duties include:

  1. Coordination with program chairs on the distribution of conference calls for papers
  2. Coordination of paper submissions and maintenance of the conference paper database
  3. Delivery of the file of paper submissions to the program chair
  4. Receipt from the program chair of information detailing all session chairs, presenters and discussants
  5. Maintenance of the conference program information on the Association website

Additional Management for the Annual Conference (held in conjunction with the Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) in January each year)

  1. Deliver program materials to ASSA as required by the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) and coordination with ASSA as necessary.
  2. Prepare and distribute all conference materials required by the Allied Social Science Association.
  3. Coordinate and schedule all conference social functions, including the Presidential luncheon.
  4. Perform all tasks required to ensure proper recognition of Association sponsors.
  5. Coordinate with doctoral session chair and manage administration of doctoral session.
    1. Provide on-site oversight and management of Association activities to ensure smooth conference, including maintenance of the hospitality suite, as needed.
  6. Coordinate with appropriate committees to ensure timely selection and recognition of recipients of all awards.

Additional Management for National Conference (currently held in the week after Memorial Day each year)

  1. Coordinate with program chairs and sponsor to finalize the program and post information on website
  2. Preparation and delivery of any/all conference materials
  3. Coordinate room facilities/locations for conference presentations with the hotel
  4. Provide on-site oversight and management assistance
  5. Process and administer registrations, and coordinate on-site registration
  6. Coordinate and schedule all conference social functions.

Additional Management for any International Conference

  1. Post conference information provided by conference chair and/or organizer on the AREUEA website.  (All other work related to the international conference is to be specified annually, beyond the range of this contract through negotiation with Board and Executive Director).


E. Responsibility for General Administration

  1. Maintain the Association by-laws and all historical and financial records, providing electronic archival backup of all documents with access available to all Executive officers
  2. Provide timely financial reports to Executive officers and directors and provide to the Treasurer quarterly financial updates and reports
  3. Maintain the AREUEA Procedures Manual which includes duties of AREUEA officers.
  4. Prepare and submit tax filings and statements  for the Association
  5.  Serve as web administrator for Association website


Please download the attached RFP for full details.

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