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The Journal of Housing Economics is soliciting submissions for a special issue on Migration and Housing Markets
Posted: 6/05/2019

Special Issue of the

Journal of Housing Economics

on research related to Migration and Housing Markets

This special issue will feature research that sheds light on the intersection between housing

markets and household or population mobility, two topics that are intrinsically linked. For

example, the decision of whether and where to move is heavily influenced by housing market

conditions—the levels of rents and house prices, the availability of the desired type and location

of housing, and even the cost and availability of mortgage credit. At the same time, conditions

in rental and housing markets are affected by the magnitudes of migrant flows into and out of

the market.


Understanding the connection between migration and housing is critical for both theoretical and

practical reasons. For theory, housing markets are a critical element of models of location

choice, which is the core of spatial economics. On the practical side, decisions regarding

geographic location and housing consumption and investment have large implications for

household welfare, and therefore are relevant for policymakers. Thus, researchers and

policymakers are devoting growing attention to trends in migration rates, household formation,

homeownership, and housing affordability—and especially to the connections between these

trends. Recent research has also highlighted how housing markets and migration choices affect

local labor market growth, decline, and inequality; the convergence (or lack thereof) of economic

fortunes across space; the transmission of economic shocks across geographies; and the

stability of the financial system.


We welcome research on any topic that addresses the important connections between housing

and migration in some way. We especially welcome empirical research that makes use of new

and innovative data sources, as well as theoretical research that uses cutting-edge methods.

While we expect many of the submissions to use recent data, we are open to historical

analyses, especially ones that shed light on contemporary discussions and debates. We are

open to analysis of more and less developed economies.


Papers must be of sufficient analytical rigor to meet the customary standards of the journal.

Timeliness is very important, as the editors and the journal seek to limit delays between the

acceptance of manuscripts and eventual publication. Submissions should be made before

January 15th, 2020 to http://ees.elsevier.com/jhec/. Early submissions will be considered


Special editors are Kyle Mangum (Kyle.Mangum@phil.frb.org) and Raven Molloy


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