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Mortgage Bankers Association VP, Research and Economics/Executive Director, RIHA
Posted: 2/28/2018



VP, Research and Economics/Executive Director, RIHA Vacant


SVP & Chief Economist Research and Industry Technology


Official & Manager_____ Exempt February 2018




The individual will provide economic and financial analysis to support the Research and Industry Technology Group and MBA membership in a variety of areas including: refining MBA’s forecast methodology and models; communicating information on MBA research products to members, the media, and other stakeholders; producing and disseminating housing and mortgage industry analyses, reports, and presentations; compiling data for Research presentations; performing the functions of the Executive Director of MBA’s Research Institute for Housing America; raising revenue through new roundtables and workshops; and providing oversight and QC of research products. The individual is also expected to represent MBA through informed participation at various conferences or meetings.


1. Perform economic and financial analysis to better MBA’s understanding of housing and mortgage markets and to further inform MBA’s forecast and its members:

  • Analyze all relevant internal and external data to build a refined understanding of macroeconomic, regional, and industry trends.
  • Develop written, visual, and other materials to communicate analyses to a broad set of audiences including MBA leadership, members, academic economists, regulatory agencies, Wall Street analysts, and the general public.
  • Review MBA’s forecast methodology and models and ensure that they incorporate all relevant data and analyses.
  • Respond to MBA leadership, member, and media data requests.
  • Provide oversight and QC of MBA data products.
  • Work with others in the Research Group and Public Affairs to find ways to raise awareness of MBA’s forecast, data, research and reports, including the use of blogs, video and other social media.

2. Supervise one of more of the Research Group staff, including the selection and performance assessment processes.

3. Speak at MBA conferences and member events

  • Compile data and analyses for presentations.
  • Be able to present data and forecasts clearly and articulately for a wide range of audiences including MBA leadership.

4. Manage MBA’s Research Institute for Housing America as Executive Director.

  • Develop and maintain contacts with academic researchers in housing and mortgage finance
  • Develop topics for RIHA research agenda
  • Solicit RFPs from appropriate researchers for these topics
  • Contract with researchers, and monitor their work to the terms of the contracts
  • Edit early drafts to produce research papers that are both accessible and valuable to the membership and the broader public, in keeping the restrictions of the 501 c(3) status of RIHA to produce non-advocacy research.
  • Work to publicize RIHA and RIHA studies through partnerships with various organizations.

5. Develop workshops, webinars and roundtables on topics of interest to the industry to both raise MBA’s profile and to increase revenue

  • Develop content for workshops on timely topics of interest to the MBA membership.
  • Work with others in the Research Group to assist with other workshops and roundtables already in progress in order to increase bandwidth and thereby increase revenues.

6. Other tasks as assigned, which could include filling in for the Chief Economist in various capacities.


The ideal candidate will be a senior economist with a desire and ability to analyze data, and to write and speak clearly about these data and regarding market developments to a variety of business, policy, and general audiences. The candidate must be capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously, and be willing to grow in the position so as to eventually become a leading analyst within the industry. The RIHA role also requires a comfort with both academic and business oriented research.

The position requires significant travel to speak at MBA conferences and member events. This travel is concentrated in the spring and the fall.

This position requires a Ph.D. in economics, finance, or related field, or an MA in one of these fields with significant professional experience. Applicants should have more than 10 years of experience both in a role as a professional economist and within the mortgage/financial services industry.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.

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