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Call for Papers: PREA-sponsored special real estate issue of The Journal of Portfolio Management
Posted: 9/06/2018


The Pension Real Estate Association (PREA) announces a call for papers for the 2019 Special Real Estate issue of The Journal of Portfolio Management, published by Institutional Portfolio Research. This will be the ninth special issue of JPM sponsored by PREA and devoted entirely to the investment characteristics of real estate and its fundamental drivers. All submitted manuscripts must be original works that have not been submitted for inclusion in another form such as another journal, magazine, or book chapter.


Due to space constraints in the special issue, and a desire to concentrate on areas of research on institutional real estate investment not widely represented in other venues, the Special Real Estate Issue will not publish papers concentrating on publicly traded real estate equities such as REITs, unless they provide significant insights on the underlying real estate market. As a publication widely read by real estate investment professionals as well as academics, the special issue favors papers that are insightful but also to the point, 7500 words should be considered a maximum although being more concise is generally better. Lengthy literature reviews are not necessary and detailed derivations or methodological sections can be provided separately and published as an online supplement.



All papers will be reviewed by the editorial board for this special issue or by individuals appointed by them. Authors should submit papers by March 1, 2019 via e-mail to Frank Fabozzi ( and Greg MacKinnon ( as both PDF and Word file attachments. The subject of the e-mail should state “JPM- RE SPECIAL ISSUE”.

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